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Terms of Service:

Last Updated: May 5th, 2017

1. Our Mission

1.1 Mission Statement

We believe true art tells a story or depicts an emotion and must be viewed up close and personal to be realized - not as a thumbnail preview on a web page. Gallery Gig is committed to help artists find venues where fine art can be viewed in public spaces then simplify the art buying experience. Only then can art impact our lives and the artist be rewarded for creating it.

1.2 Our commitment to the Artist

GalleryGig.com was founded and developed by a frustrated artist disappointed by the available ways to show and sell art.

Gallery Gig has no contracts and charges 10% + credit card fees. While we allow venues and curators to take a percentage of each art sale, we guarantee the art's take will never fall below 50%. Supporting artists is good for local business. Using Gallery Gig simplifies the process and increases the number of places willing to work with local artists.

1.3 Our commitment to the Venue

True art inspires people, and when your customers connect with the art in your space, they connect with you. Gallery Gig helps you make this connection with more art options, less risk, less effort, and a far better way to insure your fee is collected.

1.4 Our commitment to the Local Art Gallery

Gallery Gig is also committed to traditional art galleries! With attendance declining by 2% per year for the last 10 years, many local galleries are closing up shop. Gallery Gig lets gallery owners use their expertise to manage art displays in venues all over town. You set your rate and Gallery Gig collects it and pays you when the art sells.

2. Terms of Service

2.1 Association between Gallery Gig, LLC and all members.

We provide a solution to help venues and artists work together, we do not sell art on-line, we broker the sale of finished works, ready to be sold and carried home by the customer. We do not hang or place art in venues, we help artist and venues discover each other and handle the purchasing transaction for the art on display.

  1. Gallery Gig, LLC is not involved in the mounting or placing of art at the venue and will not be held responsible for any damages to the art, venue or individuals in the event it falls or breaks.
  2. Gallery Gig, LLC reserves the right to delete individual images uploaded by our members if we feel they may offend our viewers, we may also delete user the account and/or block the IP Address of the individual who uploaded the image(s).
  3. Gallery Gig, LLC is unable to control what is on display in the venue and is not involved in the creation of the art or the selection of what art is on display and will not be held responsible for its content.
  4. Gallery Gig, LLC charges 10% + any credit card fees.

2.2 Association between members (Artists, Venues and Curators).

Our members are welcome to create working contracts between themselves, but where an existing contract does not exist the following applies.

  1. The venue cannot be held liable or responsible for damage to works of art, or the loss of art, on display at the venue. If this is a concern the Artist can elect to find an insurance policy to cover damage or loss of their art.
  2. The artist cannot be held liable or responsible for damage to the venue or individuals at the venue due to the display, mounting, moving or removal of art at the venue. If this is a concern the Venue should speak with their insurance agent about coverage in this situation.
  3. Art on display at a venue remains the property of the artist. Neither the venue nor the landlord of the building may keep the art or use it as assets of the venue. In the event the venue closes, the art must be returned to the artist at no charge and within one week.
  4. The venue may refuse to display art for any reason and take down art and ask the artist to come pick it up.
  5. The artist may remove their art from the venue for any reason, at any time.
  6. If framed art is to be protected by a sheet of glass, its dimensions must not be greater than 12 inches, in any direction. Framed art greater than 12 inches must use Plexiglas or tempered safety glass.
  7. 3D glass sculptures (of any size) must be in a suitable safety enclosure.
  8. All art should be securely fastened to the wall (pedestal, shelf or easel) and verified by the venue AND the artist (or their appointed curators) so as to not fall on customers at the venue.

All Gallery Gig Artists, Venues and Curators must accept these terms prior to showing any art.