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Gallery Gig is not an on-line art market, it lets buyers see and experience real art and purchase it from their phone.

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A venue can be your local library, a bank, restaurant, hotel lobby, or any waiting room. It can even be a store window or the sidewalk, anywhere you can hang or mount art.

Selling art via Gallery Gig does not require anyone to be present. All sales are handled from the customer's cell phone. Once the transaction is complete, the customer is sent instructions on how to pick up their new art. In addition, the venue and artist receive notifications so they can remove and replace the art. Venues can optionally appoint a separate individual (called a Curator) to manage all the art in their space.

Most importantly, Venues are notified whenever art is sold and receive a percentage of each sale. As a venue, you can set your fee to whatever you desire. Please understand; Venue and Curator fees can be automatically reduced to ensure artists receive a minimum income of 50% for the sale of their art.

Getting Started

Just having an account on Gallery Gig will inform local artists of your interest in showing local art. We will also promote your business on our social media feeds and make your information available to Internet Search engines.

  • Create an account and fill in the name of your business and your full address and the fee you charge for selling art in your space.
  • Then Click the "Print Card" button (on your profile page).
  • Post this sign near to where are is on display, or by your front door.
  • Whenever an artist asks if they can show art in your space... direct them to the sign.
  • Whenever a customer asks for info about the art in your space... direct them to the sign.

Sample Venue Card

Gallery Gig

We connect artists with venues who want to support the local art community and simplify the process of showing, marketing, and selling art. We truly make any space an art marketplace.

Ready to Join?

There are no fees to sign up or show your art... we even promote the artist and venue for free. Gallery Gig makes 10% after the art sells.