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Gallery Gig is not an on-line art market, it lets buyers see and experience real art and purchase it from their phone.

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Gallery Gig allows your art to physically be anywhere and for people buy it using their cell phone. We connect artists with places needing art, and provide a way to market and sell the art without any staff to manage it.

There are no exclusive contracts or registration fees for anyone using our website, we simply change 10% when the art sells. Here is a breakdown of the benefits of using Gallery Gig to show, market and sell your art.:

  • Customers can purchase your art on sight - no need to find an employee of the venue where you art is located.
  • Venues can connect with the local art community (you) without impacting their work load.
  • Gallery Gig acts as your art advocate when people have questions about your work.
  • Our event calendar can promote your open-house, reception, or gallery showings which is shared on our social media.
  • When your art is setup in a new venue, Gallery Gig makes a social media post highlighting you and the venue.
  • We promote our search tool with interior design and architecture firms who seek local art when decorating businesses.
  • We can collect and pay the state sales tax for your art.
  • Your art sale can be broken in to (up to 4) payments, and we will collect each payment for you.

How it works

  • You hang your art with a custom title plate at a venue.
  • The customer scans the QRCode or goes to the website shown on the title plate.
  • They click the buy now button and pay for the art.
  • Their recite includes instructions on how to take their art home.
  • You (and the venue) get an email to let you know the art has sold.

What Next?

  • Create an account
  • Upload images of your art, set their prices and describe them.
  • Print the title plate from the website.
  • Look up local venues on GalleryGig to find ones needing art
  • Or... put the art in your car find a new venue.
  • Visit the venue and ask "Can I show art here and use GalleryGig to sell it?
  • You might need to explain to them GalleryGig frees them to focus on their business, tracks the sales and allows them to get a percentage of the sale.
  • Hang your are and title plate

What's Important

Customers need to know how to purchase the art, either by using a Title Plate or by a general sign placed somewhere in the space. Both of these can be printed directly from your profile page.

Sample Art Title Plate

Gallery Gig

We connect artists with venues who want to support the local art community and simplify the process of showing, marketing, and selling art. We truly make any space an art marketplace.

Ready to Join?

There are no fees to sign up or show your art... we even promote the artist and venue for free. Gallery Gig makes 10% after the art sells.